Ergonomical Sense

A better title might be Where I Write… But this post is really just an excuse to mention how I’ve been ruined by the power of an ergonomic keyboard.

I got an ergonomic keyboard at work last week. It took a bit of getting used to but considering I sit at my desk 40 hours a week there was a lot of time to practice.

The problem is now when I come home to my MacBook my fingers are all out of alignment and I spend most of my time frustratedly backspacing.

So, this is my new set up.

Think it looks pretty nifty but I am very worried I’ve entirely ruined my typing ability on anything else. Oh well…

Now all I have to do is get my keyboard speed up to the fabled 220wpm of Philip K. Dick and then I’ll be laughing all the way to critical acclaim. He got that while he was alive, right?

I wonder would work get me some amphetamines to see if I could get used to that as quick.

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