Gorge/Savour or How I Learned to Love Reading Again

I read 10 books this month. *finger guns* If I keep reading this way I’ll hit 120 by the end of the year. And then I’ll finally be enough… right?

I know most people only read a handful of books a year. But I want to read more and more… and more

I am very slow though. Which I used to think was a bummer. But maybe it’s not too bad?

My sister can sit down and read a book or two inside of one day. On the other hand, I schedule large blocks of time to read a bit but also be open to activities such as standing about, looking out the window at my car, making tea, changing jumpers etc etc.

I also read more than one thing at a time. Not as a badge of honour or talent but, as is probably evident, I find it hard to concentrate. 

I want to read all the things and yet I find the Goodreads goal setting a bit discouraging. 

I like gorging books but I also like reading and pausing over sentences and considering. This is not for everyone, I know. My girlfriend just wants to know “THE GODDAMN ENDING DAMNIT” (her words) and that’s fine, too. 

But for a while I was just clocking up ‘good numbers’ on Goodreads which is all kinds of shit and discouraging. 

Even though I hit 10 books (and tbh it’s not even books there’s comics, and audiobooks, novellas) I did it at a comfortable enjoyable pace. And that’s really working for me. 

So, if you’re an ambitious slow reader like me, I advise setting your ambitious goals aside and just read whatever, whenever, and if you’re meant to be together* (with that goal) it’ll work out. 

Best of the year so far – 

  • Coyote Songs – Gabino Iglesias
  • In the Valley of the Sun – Andy Davidson
  • Midnight Son – James Dommek Jr. 

*Shakira is life. 

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