About Me

Under 100 words

Jonathan Cosgrove is an Irish writer of dark fiction. Call him Jonathan or Johnny but dear God not John. As a child, he convinced his mother’s best friend that he’d been born in America, despite the fact she’d visited him in the Irish hospital where he was born. Since then he’s been trying to write just-as-convincing stories. When not grappling with words he grapples with his physical mediocrity at jiu-jitsu. His debut story, “Mouths Filled with Seawater”, was published in Arterial Bloom. Connect with him on Twitter as @jjingo_gaijin. For more information visit www.jonathancosgrove.com

Jonathan Cosgrove is a professional writer who, despite the best intentions, spends most of his time avoiding that. Connect with him on Twitter as @jjingo_gaijin.