It’s the little things…

A few things that have been making this quarantine/work-from-home time that much easier for myself have been…

The Devin Townsend Podcast

An entirely new podcast from Devin Townsend (one of my favourite musicians ever) where he does a deep dive into his creative process and personal life that resulted in his albums.

He really takes his time getting into these things and speaks over an ongoing ambient guitar soundtrack sooo it’s been a very soothing listen for me while out on my runs or driving about for groceries.

It’s also cool to hear in real-time someone come to honest conclusions about how and why they make art. Definitely has influenced some decisions I’ve made in relation to my own current work.

Also available on Spotify.

Oh and he’s doing Quarantine Concerts now

Bosch | Technicolor


Don’t know why it took a global pandemic but I finally got into Amazon Prime’s Bosch (where Titus plays titular character) and it’s just great.

I’ve thought Titus Welliver was the coolest mofo since last Autumn when I got hella into Deadwood and desperately wanted more Titus on screen.

Sadly, he’s only in that show sporadically but every time I thought he was brilliant. I wanted more scenes of him with everyone, especially Timothy Olyphant (clench-jawed brilliance) and Ian McShane (foulmouthed brilliance).

I’m almost finished the very last season now and very sad it’s nearly over BUT I highly recommend. Season 2 in particular was my favourite ’cause it has that updated 1940’s LA noir feel.

If you enjoy well-written cop TV with a pitch-perfect lead actor and some great, well-rounded supporting characters watch, watch, watch.

And lastly…

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 [Part 3] April 7th on Netflix ...

Terrace House 2019-2020

This may be the most niche thing on the list but I love Terrace House.

I moved to Japan in 2013 and lived there for four wonderful years. Watching Terrace House was invaluable at times for learning more about the language and the culture I was living in.

Now I’ve been back in Ireland nearly as long as I was away and my Japanese language-culture skills are not what they used to be however watching this in the evenings has been a fantastic way to wind down the evenings.

Yes, it’s a mindless reality TV show BUT if you’re not familiar with Japanese culture it may just surprise and entertain you in ways I don’t think you’d have guessed.

For example, how everyone on the show is obsessed with goals and life goals and working towards those goals at all times and what have you done for your goals today? It’ll seriously make you rethink how much effort you’re putting in in life… and who doesn’t like to be reminded of their failings while watching an escapist TV show?… Right?

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